Wuyue's social responsibility

Time:2024-01-02 13:52:43

Tracing back to the early 1990s, the original name of Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory was Lingshou County Welfare Chemical Industry Factory, which shoulders the social mission of the county's civil affairs department to resettle special groups for employment.

Through the years of changes, Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory has always adhered to its original intention, striding forward, pursuing enterprise development while actively giving back to society and daring to assume social responsibilities. It has made great efforts to provide suitable employment opportunities for the vast number of special groups, ensuring them guarantee in life and maintaining their mental health. In addition, we also provide vocational skills training and psychological counseling for the special group to improve their personal qualities and self-confidence.

At present, special population employees account for about one-third of the total number of employees in our factory. They work hard and play an important role in their respective positions, fully demonstrating their personal value. We firmly believe that through care and support, this group will contribute more to the development of the enterprise and the progress of society.