LOGO identification-
Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory (Extract elements: Five high mountains, literal sense of "Yue" is high mountains)
Industry:Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Audience:Global pharmaceutical companies or some high-end chemical companies

It represents Wuyue Pharmaceutical’s willingness to be the bridge for your health, warmly caring for your stomach and intestines.

Green hill:

It represents responsibility, accountability, integrity, and inclusiveness of the enterprise.

Lucid water:

It represents the corporate philosophy of "ecology and life coexist, and environmental protection goes hand in hand with enterprise development", as well as the mission and vision of sustainable development.

"Wuyue Pharmaceutical"

The font of "Wuyue Pharmaceutical" belongs to clerical script style, with a square internal structure and a rounded external appearance. Externally, we hope to establish global partnerships to jointly contribute to human health. Internally, we adhere to the principles of rigorousness, seriousness, high requirements, and high standards, providing our customers with superior products.

Trademark sign-

The trademark "Lingloupai" Lingshou Stone memorial archway was built in 1641. Zhu Youjian, Emperor Sizong of the Ming Dynasty, awarded his three generations of ancestors and grandchildren "three generations of officials" and ordered the construction of the stone memorial archway in order to commend the achievements of Fu Yongchun, the minister of the Ministry of War. This stone memorial archway is also known as the "Third World Center" stone memorial archway. Using it as a trademark means that this place is a place of outstanding people, with a long historical heritage, and inspires the people of Wuyue to inherit the wisdom, perseverance, hard work, and innovative corporate culture of their ancestors. At the same time, it also conveys to the people of Wuyue the hope of meeting friends from all over the world for inspection and cooperation negotiations.