Wuyue website reinstalled online

Time:2024-01-02 13:49:50

As the Year of the Dragon approaches in 2024, Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory is welcoming its brand new website launch, showing our determination to continue innovation and forge ahead. On this new journey, let us work hand in hand, unite and create greater glory.

Looking back on the years of hard struggles time in the past, Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory has already gone through more than 30 years. With the widespread support and cooperation of friends from all sectors, we have grown from a former chemical plant into a leading pharmaceutical company, and have become a dominate enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials—aluminum hydroxide. At the end of August 2023, our product (CDE: Y20210000792) was successfully launched, marking another milestone for us.

In the new year, let’s work shoulder to shoulder and cooperate sincerely. Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory will provide higher quality products and services to provide customers with a better experience. We are committed to becoming a trustworthy and satisfactory product supplier for global customers, and will increase research and development efforts to continuously improve product quality. Meanwhile, we will continue to upgrade and transform our equipment, adhering to the sustainable development concept of “ecology and life coexist, and environmental protection goes hand in hand with enterprise development.”

On the occasion of bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, Shijiazhuang Wuyue Pharmaceutical Factory sincerely wishes everyone a prosperous career, good health, and happiness for their families in the Year of the Dragon, and jointly usher in a more glorious tomorrow.