Our factory adheres to the concept of "coexistence of ecology and life, and parallel development of environmental protection and enterprise". We invested more than 10 million yuan to build a sewage treatment system in 2018 and obtained a sewage discharge permit from the National Environmental Protection Bureau. Our factory utilizes advanced evaporation technology to treat wastewater in a green manner and obtain related by-products, achieving true zero emissions and truly practicing the environmental protection concept of Wuyue Pharmaceutical.

Basic policies for corporate social responsibility

Wuyue Pharmaceutical recognizes the importance of contributing to environmental protection and has formulated the following corporate social responsibility policies:

1-Actively promote the development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly products.

2-Organized efforts to protect the environment to reduce the impact of commercial activities on it.

3-Developing talent resources with global environmental awareness and taking action to alleviate these issues.

4-Comply with laws and regulations, including international regulations, national legislation, and industry norms.

5-Promote safety, disaster prevention, and occupational safety and health work.

6-Committed to establishing a relationship of mutual trust with society.